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This isn't really about me, which is why I didn't add, "The Day I...." However, I feel it is approximate because I found a love of a film I originally wasn't too fond of. I saw this movie two times, once nine years ago when it was in theaters and yesterday.

Nine years, I did not like Interstellar. I know, I know, some of you have your mouths dropping to the floor, cursing at me unbelievably. But I thought it was confusing, and the ending seemed like it was weak, being a fifth dimension that Christopher Nolan just randomly said, This works!

However, I enjoyed the music.

So, I was stuck with my formatting yesterday, so frustrated that I needed to watch a movie to cool off some steam. I scrolled through Amazon Prime when I found Interstellar. Since there is very little on stream channels during the summer (I don't have cable), I thought, "What the hell?"

Within the first thirty minutes, I was engrossed, clinging to my seat and forgetting about popcorn. I knew what happened at the end (don't worry, I won't spoil it for you, if you still haven't seen it). But I found out the tiny details in the beginning became a wonderful at the end. As the big finale came up, everything made sense. Matthew McConaughey was brilliant in this role. When he smiled, I smiled; when he laughed, I laughed; and when he cried, I bawled my eyes out, hard.

I cleaned out my tissue box.

It took me nine years to not talk smack about Interstellar, and now, I'm praising it. Oh, and the music? It is phenomenal. "No Time for Caution" is still the best song, hands down.

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