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The Day I... Felt Overwhelmed

I'm not a good multi-tasker.

Wait, let me rephrase that. I'm not a good multi-tasker at all. Whenever I'm in a party or social gathering, I'm phenomenal at one-on-one time. But when ten people come in, I try to focus on one thing, but I fail... miserably.

My writing does the exact same thing. Black Hole Symphony started out extremely well. I had an amazing spreadsheet, a PowerPoint dealing with the tiny details of certain characters, and I wrote two chapters; they weren't half bad!

However, I keep going back to One Term Left. My formatting editor, aka, best friend who I've already talked about her, finished formatting. She needed me to tell her what I liked and what I did not like.

Let's face it, I don't like to do formatting, so even as small as formatting is annoying. Also, I need to write the back of the book, the acknowledge page, and the "about the author," not to mention I need to partake in my "photo shoot." I'm going to the library and have a friend take some pictures of me with my phone, tedious and annoying, but necessary.

My parents are coming over for dinner (bacon wrapped around asparagus, chips and salsa, shake-and-bake chicken wings and teriyaki chicken wings, rice, and peas). So, what did I do? I steered my procrastination ways and cleaned the house, grocery shopped, and even did a Leslie Samson's walk-a-mile on YouTube.

When you have everything you can do, I have to work on One Term Left. I commented on Caitlin's formatting as well as wrote (the first draft) of the back of the book:

"Sarah Sullivan, Alice White, and Makayla Kissoon have one thing in common: their love of books. From seventh grade until graduation, Falmouth Academy's teachers helped them find their niche. And with one term left in their high school career, each of them know exactly who they are and where they’re heading.

Sarah, the valedictorian, has her choice between two Ivy League Schools as a politician science major.

Alice, the back-stage director, is heading toward Emerson for something in the drama field.

And Makayla, the lacrosse star, doesn’t care where she goes as long it’s for her sport.

But on the same night, everything changes in an instant, and their bond wilts away, each spreading down a different path, for the good and the bad."

It's not bad, but it's not "Wow! This book sounds amazing! I'm gonna buy it right now!"

What do you think?

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