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The Day I... Finished My Line Edits.

Finally, I finished my line edits. In the past, the line edits usually takes me around three or four months, but Moving On's edits took me almost six. I tried a new technique. Before, I went through the entire manuscript, making small changes, skipping the thought-provoking changes for a while. This time, I combed through in order. It was actually refreshing.

Currently, I am re-reading One Term Left with a back cover synopsis, something I dread. I'm already up to chapter 17 out of 28. So, I have to decide whether to start a new book or continue with Black Hole Symphony. In just one month (December), I wrote Black Hole Symphony, or at least the first 52,000 words. I was inspired by a dream I had. So, I poured the story out of me, but I didn't create interesting characters, other than the main one, Magnolia (Magz for sort).

I've had an idea for about two years. This is a combination of old war stories I have heard from my grandfather, my father, my boyfriend, and a good friend of mine. I have thought of an outline - just thought though, nothing has been written as of yet - for about half the story, but the second half is blank. Have you ever seen the movie Alex and Emma? If you haven't, it's about a stenographer falls in love with an author. In the film, the author talks about the characters, the story, and the plot all just comes to him. I like to call this "pantsing." Me and pantsing work for only the first two chapters, but then I draw a blank.

Then, there's a new sci-fi story I've been thinking about, this one, too started in a dream. However, a good friend of mine has been writing a sci-fi story for the past ten years (more probably, but we've been friends for about 10 years). Do I want to spend a decade on a story?

I think the sci-fi one will be left on the back burner, at least I can combine a new world building technique.

And finally, I wrote half of a book years ago (actually, I think that laptop broke). It's not your traditional novel though, and because of this, I'm afraid most people will hate it. However, I think I will write this one five years from now. That way, if my fans don't like it, they will continue to read my stories.

So, you have Black Hole Symphony, the war, sci-fi, and not-your-traditional novels. Which do you think I should write? Write a comment below your ideas!

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