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The Day I. . . Realized Writer's Block is a Real Thing

Most of the time, writer's block only last for two days. Sometimes I cannot write because too much stress has come into my life like work, master's program, or MTELs. However, I am currently enjoying the last hurrah of my vacation, the perfect time to write or edit before my students arrive, so one might think I'd be writing up a storm. I haven't. The only thing I CAN do is preoccupy myself with an idea with a new book. My friend has had writer's block for months, and I'm afraid I'll be going down that same path. I'll be optimist though, and hopefully, I can go back to draft #2 of my book, "That Night at Times Square."

I am having troubles, though. I'm not in love with the title, "That Night at Times Square." The synopsis: Senior in high school Rhiannon Broderick needs a change in her life: Cleveland. From New York to Ohio, she wishes for this school year to end before it begins until a boy named Austin walks into her life.

Can you think of a different title? Leave your thoughts before!

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