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The Day I. . . Started a Blog

I started to write this blog because I am the ultimate introvert. As you may or may not know, my passion is to write, and my goal in life is to become a successful author. I began to write in 2013 when I attempted to write a screenplay. From 2013 until 2018, I kept editing it over and over again with little tweaks here and there until I realized I wanted to tell my story without the limited of 120 pages (one page on screenplay = one minute of screen time). My first draft only consisted of around 55,00 words, and three years later, when the book was published, it nearly doubled. The book, The Day I Died, is my baby, my first born, and if you are to pick up the book at Tewksbury's Library or purchasing it at Amazon (Kindle or paperback), I guarantee you'll love it, too.

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