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The Day I . . . Started Working as a Full-Fledge Teacher.

I have been working for the Tewksbury Public School for over six years as an aide, graduated with a masters from Merrimack College, and last year, I worked as a teacher for a sixth grade ELA teacher. Although I may only be working with these magnificent students for the first term, my first day was wonderful. During the first few blocks of the day, every single one of my students did not say a word. Part of me was screaming (inside

my head), "Yes! I have control!" because I've never held so much authority. I had been short term and long term substitutes many times, but never starting the school year. I was down on myself the past few weeks for I didn't know if those two years at Merrimack were for nothing; I applied and rejected twice. However, by having those students listening, communicating, and demonstrating their enthusiasm, the smile which I carried grew.

This is where I belong.

Have you ever felt inspired by a teacher in the past? Comment here!

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