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The Day I . . . Went to an Alice in Wonderland Experience.

Lowell has multiple things going on today, and one of them was a mud race. I have never done anything like this, so when I walked onto Market Street, my mouth dropped. These elaborate vehicles were so unique; cowbell movie theater, a giant lobster, and a pirate ship with men dressed to fit the role. There were jazz bands marching down the street, and everyone wore banana costumes (although I don't know why). Each person carried a smile on this picturesque weather day.

He was waving at me!

Then, my friend told me of this wonderful book shop that I hadn't heard of, and we walked through the door: La La Book Store. I fell in love with the place the second I entered the store. On the huge walls, hundreds of YA books were stacked. They had more YA books than any other types of genre, so I knew this was where I was meant to be. Once the owner finished chatting with a fellow customer, I introduced myself and asked her if she could sell my book, since I am a self-published author. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a card, telling me to contact the store by email (the second I got home, that's exactly what I did).

With only a five minute walk between Market Street and Lowell's Library, we hit the "start" button on our Cluedupp app. I loved the walking portion of any day, and believe me, we walked for ten thousand steps. Unfortunately, my stomach got the best of me, and we had to stop at a small restaurant.

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