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The Day I . . . Went to an Open House.

Last night, I went to an open house. I've been working in the public school for six years, and this was my first one. I assumed about half the teachers would stay at the building for the three hours between school and open hour, but as I walk around the halls (for a half hour mini workout), everyone - except one person - left.

Maybe I should be gotten something to eat beforehand.

That also meant three hours to myself! For two out of the three, I finally did some editing. While reading the new book That Night at Times Square, I knew what I wanted to change, so I jotted some notes down on my laptop.

As the hour approached, I grew nervous. Nervousness is something I always get; although I am a teacher, I hate presenting to people my own age. The parents filled in the seats of the cafeteria, and I thought we wouldn't have to speak with that many people. I was wrong. We had to introduce ourselves with our name and team we were in. Thank goodness I didn't mess up there!

When we divided into groups with our respected teacher, now it was time to mess up a little. But my coworkers didn't seem to mind, and encouraged me to keep reading (yep, all I had to do was read my slide, and the words kept stumbling repeatedly). My coworkers did amazing and were able to answer each question.

After our mini presentation finished, us teachers told the parents we would stand outside our door and meet with us individually. Each person I met was wonderfully, and with each one praising me how their daughters and sons looked forward to ELA, my smile grew.

P.S.: I'm not one hundred percent sold on the title That Night at Times Square. Can you help me out with a new title? The book is about a girl whom moves from Brooklyn to Cleveland in search for a new life and changes.

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