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Tree House Brewery

I loved Tewksbury Country Club. I even planned on having my wedding there (eventually, in like five years or so, but still). So, when the Tewksbury Country Club was sold to Tree House Brewery, I was a little upset. Why would TCC, a staple in the foundation of Tewksbury, sell itself?

So, up until Tuesday, I did not partake in anything related to Tree House Brewery. If they don't have wine, it shouldn't be too difficult.

I was nervous talking with my boss on Tuesday, and although it's pretty well (better than I had hoped for), I was still anxious. I asked my friend to go somewhere, and she excitedly said those three words I was dreading: Tree House Brewery.

Since Tree House doesn't sell food as of yet, we stopped at La Vita Dolce and picked up a panini (Italian, without the pickles) and crossed the street to the brewery. We had no idea where to go (and in my case, what to expect), so we asked the man outside the building.

Okay, I'm not going to lie, but it sounds confusing. But in reality, it's not.

We each went to a separate kiosk - and there're plenty of them - and chose between cocktails, beer, or non-alcoholic drinks. It only cost $8.50. Once we paid for it, we gave them on phone number and a bar code, which we gave to the bar tender. You can have up to three drinks, which were marked on our wrist band.

There were so many choose from, and I asked the bar tender to choose for me: a mojito. Within a minute, I received my drink and sat outside where the old country club was the same; they still had the water fountain! After that first sip, I closed my eyes. It was a hot day, but the cool breeze made the air light. My friend and I clung our cups, ate our panini, and enjoyed the blissful day.

And once Tree House Brewery opens a grill or a pizza oven, I'll be there so often, it'll be like the Cheers bar, where everyone knows my name.

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